Failure of T-cell homeostasis preceding AIDS in HIV-1 infection

  title={Failure of T-cell homeostasis preceding AIDS in HIV-1 infection},
  author={Joseph B. Margolick and Alvaro Muňoz and Albert D. Donnenberg and Lawrence P. Park and Noya Galai and Jams V. Giorgi and Maurice R G O'gorman and John Ferbas},
  journal={Nature Medicine},
We and others have postulated that a constant number of T lymphocytes is normally maintained without regard to CD4+ or CD8+ phenotype (‘blind’ T-cell homeostasis). Here we confirm essentially constant T-cell levels (despite marked decline in CD4+ T cells and increase in CD8+ T cells) in homosexual men with incident human immunodeficiency virus, type 1 (HIV-1), infection who remained free of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) for up to eight years after seroconversion. In contrast… CONTINUE READING
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