Failing victims, fuelling hate: challenging the harms of the ‘Muslim grooming gangs’ narrative

  title={Failing victims, fuelling hate: challenging the harms of the ‘Muslim grooming gangs’ narrative},
  author={Ella Cockbain and Waqas Tufail},
  journal={Race \& Class},
  pages={3 - 32}
‘Muslim grooming gangs’ have become a defining feature of media, political and public debate around child sexual exploitation in the UK. The dominant narrative that has emerged to explain a series of horrific cases is misleading, sensationalist and has in itself promoted a number of harms. This article examines how racist framings of ‘Muslim grooming gangs’ exist not only in extremist, far-right fringes but in mainstream, liberal discourses too. The involvement of supposedly feminist and… Expand
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  • Madeline-Sophie Abbas
  • History
  • Terror and the Dynamism of Islamophobia in 21st Century Britain
  • 2021


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