Failed anterior acromioplasty. A review of 51 cases.

  title={Failed anterior acromioplasty. A review of 51 cases.},
  author={Richard J. Hawkins and T Chris and Daniela Bokor and Gerrit Kiefer},
  journal={Clinical orthopaedics and related research},
This report is a retrospective review of 51 patients, each of whom had a failed acromioplasty that was performed after presumptive diagnoses of impingement tendinitis. The purpose of the review is to analyze the failures, define their causes, and make recommendations regarding further management. Average age at time of initial surgery was 40 years (range, 20-64 years), and the follow-up period averaged 5.5 years (range, three to nine years). Thirty-four patients were found to have symptoms and… CONTINUE READING

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