Faddeev-Yakubovsky search for ( 4 )( Lambda Lambda)H.


Evidence for particle stability of ( 4 )( LambdaLambda)H has been suggested by the BNL-AGS E906 experiment. We report on Faddeev-Yakubovsky calculations for the four-body LambdaLambdapn system using LambdaN interactions which reproduce the observed binding energy of (3)(Lambda)H(1 / 2(+)) within a Faddeev calculation for the Lambdapn subsystem. No ( 4 )( LambdaLambda)H bound state is found over a wide range of LambdaLambda interaction strengths, although the Faddeev equations for a three-body LambdaLambdad model of ( 4 )( LambdaLambda)H admit a 1(+) bound state for as weak a LambdaLambda interaction strength as required to reproduce B(LambdaLambda)(( 6 )( LambdaLambda)He).

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