Faculty Support: A 4-way Perspective


Faculty support – what is it? Is it faculty development? Is it a group of tasks we need to know in order to teach others? What combination of hardware/software knowledge and technical skills do we need to succeed? Where do we draw the line between enabling faculty and doing the job ourselves? How will we deliver finished projects from the faculty to the students? Do we all have the additional pressure of continual reminders of the increasing importance of technology – now and in the future of higher education? And how do we keep our sanity while attempting to accomplish all that is expected of us? The panel members are from four separate academic institutions: one large private university, one large state university, one small private university, and one community college. We will describe how we plan, consult, train, support, deliver, and evaluate aspects of the instructional technology process. Although the size, culture, and number of faculty clients differ with each of the schools, we have found many commonalties exist among us. Our goal is to engage in a lively discussion with the audience concerning how their colleges and universities deal with faculty support. We expect to share insights, successes, and maybe a good horror story or two.

DOI: 10.1145/337043.337123

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