Facts, Fictions, and Failures of Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Europe

  title={Facts, Fictions, and Failures of Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Europe},
  author={Brian Shipman and Tim Stojanovic},
  journal={Coastal Management},
  pages={375 - 398}
Nearly 40 years on since its first tentative steps in North America, this article considers whether Integrated Zone Coastal Management (ICZM) in Europe has grown to maturity as a form of governance. The article summarizes the findings of recent research concerning the levels of implementation of coastal management in Europe, with particular reference to the UK experience. A research framework is used to identify the different motivations behind the social actor groups involved in coastal… Expand
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The study confirms that dealing with the multi-scale nature of coastal governance, the poor coordination of policies and administrative fragmentation, the dictatorship of sectoral approaches, the difficulty to promote integration, both thematic and geographic, the complex relationship between voluntary agreements and statutory frameworks, the difficult relationship between science and decision making, and the problem of the sustainability over time represent the main factors that hamper a wider adoption of ICZM in the considered cases. Expand
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