Factors that govern the electric permittivity of carbon materials in the graphite allotrope family

  title={Factors that govern the electric permittivity of carbon materials in the graphite allotrope family},
  author={D. D. L. Chung and Xiang Xi},

Sustainable Carbon Xerogel in the Production of Electromagnetic Radar Absorbing Composites in the Ku-Band

Carbonaceous porous materials are strong candidates for producing low-cost, lightweight, and sustainable electromagnetic (EM) absorbing materials. This work investigates the production of

Dielectric Behavior of an Electrically Conductive Metal-Particle Thick Film

Electrically conductive metal-particle thick films made from paints upon volatile component evaporation are widely used for electrical contacts and interconnections. Prior work on the electrical

Physicochemical Modeling of Electrochemical Impedance in Solid-State Supercapacitors

Solid-state supercapacitors (SSCs) consist of porous carbon electrodes and gel-polymer electrolytes and are used in novel energy storage applications. The current study aims to simulate the impedance

New concept of electret-based capacitance, as shown for solder and other conductors

  • D. ChungXiang Xi
  • Physics
    Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics
  • 2022

The intrinsic electrostatic dielectric behaviour of graphite anodes in Li-ion batteries -- across the entire functional range of charge

Lithium-graphite intercalation compounds (Li-GICs) are by far the most common anode material for modern Li-ion batteries. However, the dielectric response of this material in the electrostatic limit



Mechanical, electrical, thermal performances and structure characteristics of flexible graphite sheets

The mechanical, electrical, and thermal performances of flexible graphite sheets (FGS) derived from HClO4-graphite intercalation compounds were characterized by measuring their tensile strength,

A review of exfoliated graphite

  • D. Chung
  • Materials Science
    Journal of Materials Science
  • 2015
Exfoliated graphite (EG) refers to graphite that has a degree of separation of a substantial portion of the carbon layers in the graphite. Graphite nanoplatelet (GNP) is commonly prepared by

Material properties and structure of natural graphite sheet

The results of an extensive material characterization study that focuses on thermal Conductivity, thermal diffusivity, electrical conductivity, coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), compression strain, and emissivity are reported.

Factors influencing the permittivity of polymer/ceramic composites for embedded capacitors

The effect of the polymer permittivity on the permittivity of the polymer/lead magnesium niobate-lead titanate (PMN-PT) composite was investigated using epoxies, polyimides, polycarboxylic acids, and