Factors related to patient satisfaction with complete denture therapy.


BACKGROUND Except for denture quality, many other factors are related to a patient's satisfaction with complete dentures (CDs). METHODS A total of 222 patients with CDs took a part in this study. A questionnaire divided into 3 parts was completed by both the patients and the dentist, independently. The patients rated their dentures using a scale ranging from 1 to 5 (1 = dissatisfaction to 5 = excellent), and a dentist rated the quality of the denture and the denture-bearing area. RESULTS Patients were mostly satisfied with the quality of their CDs. Only 7.2% of the patients were absolutely not satisfied with their dentures. Patients with a low level of education were more satisfied in general with their aesthetic appearance. Patients with better self-perception of their affective status and quality of life showed higher levels of general satisfaction. Patients with better self-perception of their economic status showed lower levels of satisfaction. Younger patients wearing dentures for the first time, with short periods of being edentulous, and with better quality maxillary denture-bearing areas were more satisfied with the retention of maxillary CDs. In contrast, younger patients with first-time dentures, a short period of being edentulous, and with better quality mandibular denture-bearing areas gave lower ratings to the retention and comfort of wearing mandibular dentures. CONCLUSIONS Level of education, self-perception of affective and economic status, and quality of life are all related to patient satisfaction. However, the quality of dentures shows the strongest correlation with patient satisfaction. Not only the quality of the denture-bearing area but the denture-wearing experience itself seems to be more important in determining patient satisfaction with mandibular CDs.

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