Factors influencing the incidence of lamotrigine-related skin rash.

  title={Factors influencing the incidence of lamotrigine-related skin rash.},
  author={Ian Chi-Kei Wong and G E Mawer and Josemir W. Sander},
  journal={The Annals of pharmacotherapy},
  volume={33 10},
OBJECTIVE To determine the incidences of serious and nonserious lamotrigine-related rash, determine the risk factors for lamotrigine-related rash, and evaluate the impact on the incidence of rash of the manufacturer's recommendation to reduce the starting dose of lamotrigine. METHODS This was a retrospective case record survey at five tertiary referral epilepsy centers in the UK. The risk factors for lamotrigine-related rash were identified by logistic regression. The independent factors… CONTINUE READING

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