Factors influencing morning report case presentations.


BACKGROUND One of the most widely accepted didactic conferences among residency training programs is morning report. This study examines several factors that may influence the content of case presentations at morning report. METHODS This prospective survey is of cases presented over a 1-year period at two morning reports--a university hospital and its affiliated Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital. RESULTS Of 286 morning reports, 227 questionnaires (79%) were completed. The most common subspecialty categories represented in the cases were cardiology (20.3% of cases), infectious disease (13.2%), gastroenterology (11.5%), pulmonary (11.0%), hematology (10.1%), and general medicine (6.2%). The case mix was not significantly different by type of hospital nor by chief resident. The discussion was inpatient oriented in 88.6% of cases. CONCLUSION Morning report case mix was similar at a university and its affiliated VA hospital and was predominantly inpatient oriented.

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