Factors influencing medication adherence in South Asian people with cardiac disorders: an ethnographic study.


BACKGROUND South Asians experience higher rates of cardiovascular disease than any other ethnic group. Some evidence suggests that South Asians may be less adherent to cardiac medication regimens than Whites residing in Canada. Identification of the key factors contributing to adherence may assist this growing population to optimize their cardiac health. AIM To explore key factors associated with adherence to cardiac medications among South Asian people with cardiac disease. METHODS Ethnography was used to highlight population specific themes and domains related to medication adherence. Ethnographic observations were undertaken of patients, as well as their family (primary care) physicians and pharmacists (including their staff), while in physician offices and pharmacies. A purposive sample of patients (n=8), as well as physicians (n=3) and pharmacists (n=2) underwent in-depth interviews. Field note and interview data were transcribed verbatim and analyzed using ethnographic domain and thematic analysis. RESULTS The patients relied on family members for instrumental support in remaining adherent with their medications. Relationships with healthcare professionals who demonstrated clear communication and cultural awareness was associated with enhanced medication adherence. Memory mechanisms needed to be individualized and were generally 'low technology'. While prepackaging of medications enhanced adherence, patients who used them were less knowledgeable about their medications. CONCLUSIONS Healthcare providers should understand the importance of including family members in the care of South Asian people with heart disease. They also need to appreciate that the quality of provider-patient relationships are important to South Asian patients and will influence adherence to healthcare regimens. Expanding the role of nurse in the primary healthcare team could provide a cost-effective means of enhancing medication adherence.

DOI: 10.1016/j.ijnurstu.2014.02.015

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