Factors influencing lactation performance in rural Gambian mothers.

  title={Factors influencing lactation performance in rural Gambian mothers.},
  author={Roger G. Whitehead and M G Rowland and M T Hutton and Andrew M Prentice and Edith M{\"u}ller and Alison A Paul},
  volume={2 8082},
Breast-milk consumption has been measured in a rural African community in which breast-feeding on demand is universally practised until the baby is 18 mos old. The mother's long-term capacity for breast-milk production is determined by the end of the second month of lactation, yield being closely correlated with the infant's birth-weight. Other factors significantly influencing output were parity, month of lactation, baby's weight-for-age, season, and maternal diet. Daily milk consumption was… CONTINUE READING

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