Factors influencing compulsory admission of psychiatric patients.

  title={Factors influencing compulsory admission of psychiatric patients.},
  author={A Riecher and Wulf R{\"o}ssler and Walter L{\"o}ffler and Brigitte F{\"a}tkenheuer},
  journal={Psychological medicine},
  volume={21 1},
From 1 January 1984 until 30 June 1986 all 517 compulsorily admitted psychiatric patients of a well-defined mixed rural-urban catchment area in Baden-Württemberg, a southern State of the German Federal Republic, were compared with all 10,232 voluntarily admitted patients. Because of the very low frequency of compulsory admissions this population can be regarded as a 'core group' of committed patients. In a logit analysis the characteristics distinguishing involuntary from voluntary patients can… CONTINUE READING

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