Factors influencing agonist potency and selectivity for the opioid delta receptor are revealed in structure-activity relationship studies of the 4-[(N-substituted-4-piperidinyl)arylamino]-N,N-diethylbenzamides.

  title={Factors influencing agonist potency and selectivity for the opioid delta receptor are revealed in structure-activity relationship studies of the 4-[(N-substituted-4-piperidinyl)arylamino]-N,N-diethylbenzamides.},
  author={J. B. Thomas and X. Herault and R. Rothman and R. Atkinson and J. Burgess and S. Mascarella and C. Dersch and H. Xu and J. Flippen-Anderson and C. George and F. Carroll},
  journal={Journal of medicinal chemistry},
  volume={44 6},
A study of the effect of transposition of the internal nitrogen atom for the adjacent benzylic carbon atom in delta-selective agonists such as BW373U86 (1) and SNC-80 (2) has been undertaken. It was shown that high-affinity, fully efficacious, and delta opioid receptor-selective compounds can be obtained from this transposition. In addition to the N,N-diethylamido group needed as the delta address, the structural features identified to promote delta receptor affinity in the set of compounds… Expand
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3D-QSAR comparative molecular field analysis on delta opioid receptor agonist SNC80 and its analogs.
Key insights into the structure-activity relationship derived from the CoMFA analysis concur with experimentally observed data, thus the 3D-QSAR models presented here find utility for predicting the binding affinity, and guiding the design, of novel SNC80 analogs and related delta opioid receptor agonists. Expand
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N,N-dialkyl-4-[(8-azabicyclo[3.2.1]-oct-3-ylidene)phenylmethyl]benzamides, potent, selective delta opioid agonists.
A series of N,N-dialkyl-4-(9-aryltropanylidenemethyl)benzamides was prepared and exhibited extremely high affinity for the delta opioid receptor with excellent selectivity versus the micro opioid receptor. Expand
Quantitative conformationally sampled pharmacophore for delta opioid ligands: reevaluation of hydrophobic moieties essential for biological activity.
The obtained models for a structurally diverse set of peptidic and nonpeptidic delta opioid ligands offer good predictions with R2 values>0.9, and the predicted efficacy for a set of test compounds was consistent with the experimental values. Expand
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