Factors influencing acquired subgottic stenosis in infants.

  title={Factors influencing acquired subgottic stenosis in infants.},
  author={James M. Sherman and Saul Lowitt and Claire Stephenson and Gail Ironson},
  journal={The Journal of pediatrics},
  volume={109 2},
A prospective study of factors that might contribute to the development of acquired subglottic stenosis was undertaken in newborn infants with endotracheal tubes in place for 7 days or more. Duration of intubation, the number of endotracheal tubes inserted, the duration of mechanical ventilation, the presence of post-extubation stridor, and the size of the endotracheal tube in relation to gestational age significantly correlated with the development of subglottic stenosis. Patients at risk for… CONTINUE READING
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