Factors for PBPC collection efficiency and collection predictors.

  title={Factors for PBPC collection efficiency and collection predictors.},
  author={Kazuma Ikeda and Teruhiko Kozuka and M. D. N. Harada},
  journal={Transfusion and apheresis science : official journal of the World Apheresis Association : official journal of the European Society for Haemapheresis},
  volume={31 3},
Factors affecting collection efficiency of peripheral blood stem cells (PBSCs) include patient's age, diagnosis, preceding chemoradiotherapy, disease invasion of the bone marrow and mobilizing chemotherapy in PBSC collection for autologous transplants. Mobilizing cytokines, timing for apheresis, machines and operating software would affect mobilization and collection of PBSCs both for autologous and allogeneic transplantation. Also donor's age and gender would affect PBSC yield for allogeneic… CONTINUE READING
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