Factors associated with death in children with purpura fulminans: a French national prospective cohort study

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The SEINE study is a multicentre, prospective, non-randomized, interventional study based on the French bacterial meningitis surveillance network that aims to have a more reliable estimate of the real rate of sequelae in children and in parents by assessing the long-term physical, neuropsychological, learning disorders and sensory sequelae of IMD.



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Outcomes following IMD remain poor in this resource-rich setting in the 21st century, and data identify priorities for clinical management of adults and children with IMD and provide prognostic information for affected patients and their families and cost-effectiveness analyses for meningococcal vaccine programs.

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A novel scoring system with a predictive value for death and survival of 71% and 90%, respectively, was developed, and the outcome was predicted correctly for 86% of the patients, which is higher than rates previously reported for scoring systems.

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A thorough clinical evaluation and panel of laboratory tests that relate to this organ system should be as much a part of the work-up as taking the patient's blood pressure, monitoring renal function, or measuring liver enzymes.

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Publisher's Note

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The abstract was published in both Trauma and Anaesthesia following presentation at both meetings, but the dual publication was without the knowledge of the authors, the AAGBI, GAT or either journal.

Improved survival of children with sepsis and purpura: effects of age, gender, and era

Age and gender are determinants of severity of paediatric sepsis and purpura and survival rates have improved during the last two decades.

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