Factors affecting the pharmacokinetic characteristics of rapacuronium.

  title={Factors affecting the pharmacokinetic characteristics of rapacuronium.},
  author={Dennis M. Fisher and Raymond Kahwaji and David R Bevan and George B. Bikhazi and Robert J Fragen and Martin S. Angst and Eugene J. Ornstein and Richard S. Matteo},
  volume={90 4},
BACKGROUND Rapacuronium is a new nondepolarizing muscle relaxant with rapid onset and offset. As part of a study to determine its neuromuscular effects, the authors sampled plasma sparsely to determine the influence of age, gender, and other covariates on its pharmacokinetic characteristics. METHODS Of 181 patients receiving a single bolus dose of 0.5-2.5 mg/kg rapacuronium, 43 (aged 24-83 yr) had plasma sampled 3 or 4 times to determine plasma concentrations of rapacuronium and its… CONTINUE READING