Factors affecting the absorption of iron from Fe(III)EDTA.

  title={Factors affecting the absorption of iron from Fe(III)EDTA.},
  author={Andrew P Macphail and Thomas H. Bothwell and J D Torrance and D P Derman and Werner Robert Bezwoda and R W Charlton and Fatima Mayet},
  journal={The British journal of nutrition},
  volume={45 2},
1. The modification of iron absorption from Fe(III)EDTA by agents known to promote or inhibit absorption was examined in 101 volunteer multiparous Indian women. Fe absorption from Fe(III)EDTA was compared with absorption of intrinsic food Fe in a further twenty-eight subjects. Finally the urinary excretion of radio-Fe after oral administration of 59Fe(III)EDTA was studied in twenty-four subjects and evidence of intraluminal exchange of Fe was examined. 2. Fe absorption from maize porridge… CONTINUE READING


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