Factors affecting recovery of mastoid aeration after ear surgery

  title={Factors affecting recovery of mastoid aeration after ear surgery},
  author={Masahiro Tanabe and Haruo Takahashi and Iwao Honjo and Seishi Hasebe and Masaharu Sudo},
  journal={European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology},
Fifty-six patients after tympanomastoid surgery were examined to determine recovery of mastoid aeration and various pre- and intraoperative factors such as eustachian tube (ET) function, how the mastoid mucosa had been treated during surgery and whether or not a large silastic sheet had been placed in the middle ear or a ventilation tube used. Mastoid aeration recovery was confirmed by computed tomography in 27 of the 57 cases (47%) within 12 months of surgery. Among the factors examined… CONTINUE READING