Factors affecting mortality and morbidity in adult spina bifida.

  title={Factors affecting mortality and morbidity in adult spina bifida.},
  author={B Singhal and Kidangalil M Mathew},
  journal={European journal of pediatric surgery : official journal of Austrian Association of Pediatric Surgery ... [et al] = Zeitschrift fur Kinderchirurgie},
  volume={9 Suppl 1},
UNLABELLED We studied 695 patients with spina bifida over 16 years old. 56 of these are deceased. The cause of death of 30 of these patients could be ascertained from the records kept at the unit. The leading cause of death was renal failure secondary to complications of the renal tract (10 patients). 8 patients died due to cardiac causes and 5 due to respiratory complications. Of the remaining, 3 patients committed suicide and 1 died of malignancy. METHOD This is a retrospective study from… CONTINUE READING