Factors Related to the Parameters of Ultrasound Measurements in the Early Menopausal Period


Urinary deoxypyridinoline, serum osteocalcin (OC), and ultrasound (US) measurements were investigated in a premenopausal group and a postmenopausal group. In previous studies we reported the relation between each biochemical marker and each US parameter by simple regression analysis. However, in this study, multiple regression analysis of the US parameter, not only by biochemical markers but also by age and body mass index (BMI), were done to determine what fraction of the variation in the respective US values can be accounted for by these factors. Multiple regression analysis showed that age and serum OC were significant determinants for stiffness index, serum OC and BMI were significant determinants for speed of sound, age was a significant determinant for broadband ultrasound attenuation, although each US parameter can be explained by factors of approximately only 26–33%.

DOI: 10.1007/s002239900364

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