Factors Associated With Sexual Coercion in a Representative Sample of Men in Australian Prisons

  title={Factors Associated With Sexual Coercion in a Representative Sample of Men in Australian Prisons},
  author={Paul L. Simpson and Joanne Reekie and Tony Butler and Juliet Richters and Lorraine Yap and Luke Grant and Alun H Richards and Basil Donovan},
  journal={Archives of Sexual Behavior},
Very little research has focused on men or prisoners as victims of sexual violence. This study provides the first population-based analysis of factors associated with sexual coercion of men in Australian prisons, and the first to use a computer-assisted telephone interview to collect this information in a prison setting. A random sample of men in New South Wales and Queensland prisons were surveyed using computer‐assisted telephone interviewing. We asked participants about sexual coercion… 
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