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Factors Affecting Student Performance in Principles of Macroeconomics Courses

  title={Factors Affecting Student Performance in Principles of Macroeconomics Courses},
  author={Carol Jo Durr},
The ability to attain high scores on standardized entrance exams does not guarantee high student performance in all areas of academics. Economics courses are examples of this phenomenon. Student performance in Principles of Macroeconomics classes is dependent on many factors. Natural ability needs to be supplemented with motivation and effort. Recent studies have tried to determine the factors that are attributed to high performance. A study by M. Borg and S. Shapiro tried to predict the… 

Factors Affecting Business Students' Performance in Arab Open University: The Case of Kuwait

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Psychological Variables as Correlate of Students’ Academic Achievement in Secondary School Economics in Oyo State, Nigeria

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This study critically examines the factors that affect students‟ performance in open and distance learning at the Open University of Tanzania- a case study of Kinondoni regional centre. The

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This paper investigated success rates and possible predictors of success among students at The University of the West Indies Open Campus. Archival data were mined from admissions and academic records

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Collaboration is the heart of online learning. Interaction among course participants brings excitement to the online environment and creates knowledge as a group activity. Impediments to active



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When a student in introductory economics approaches us for study advice, what study methods should we recommend? Economists have been vocal about their belief that their discipline is more analytical

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Although women are underrepresented in the field of economics, many see little need for intervention, arguing that women are inherently less interested in economics, or are less willing or able to

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Faculty at graduate institutions have traditionally argued that research is their primary, if not sole, function. It is not surprising, therefore, that significant efforts have been made to measure

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Gender has become a "hot" research topic in recent years and has begun making its way into the classroom (Conrad 1992). Interest in gender issues has spread, but only a small proportion of economics

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Performance in and propensity to complete the college introductory economics courses are shown to be related to student preparation and performance in high school, with calculus and overall grade

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And so, in my view of the good teacher, almost invariably he will engage in research.... Then his standards of intellectual performance are maintained by the critical scrutiny of his fellows. The

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This study reviews the status of student outcomes assessment in departments of economics at colleges and universities across the country.