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Factors Affecting Sexting Behaviors Among Selected Undergraduate Students

  title={Factors Affecting Sexting Behaviors Among Selected Undergraduate Students},
  author={Heather K. Hudson},

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Sexting, Online Sexual Victimization, and Psychopathology Correlates by Sex: Depression, Anxiety, and Global Psychopathology
Investigation of sexting behaviors, online sexual victimization, and related mental health correlates using clinically validated measures for global psychopathology, anxiety, and depression found no differences between men and women in the prevalence of their victimization by nonconsensual dissemination of sexual content; however, women were more pressured and threatened into sexted than men. Expand
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Investigating differences between sexters and non-sexters on attitudes, subjective norms, and risky sexual behaviours
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Consequences and Predictors of Sexting Among Selected Southern Undergraduates
ABSTRACT Objectives: The aims of this study were to assess sexting behaviors and consequences among selected Southern undergraduate students and to determine predictors of current sexting behavior.Expand
Cross-Cultural Differences in Sexting Practices between American and Spanish University Students
Results indicate that American students sext more than Spanish students and have higher probabilities of being victims of nonconsensual dissemination of their sexual content, however, Spanish students receive more sexts than American students. Expand
Self-esteem, self-efficacy, self-concept and intimate image diffusion among deaf adolescents: A structural equation model analysis
According to the findings, self-esteem and self-efficacy had a positive and direct relationship with intimate image diffusion while a negative but direct link exists between self-concept and intimate images diffusion among deaf adolescents. Expand
Sexting Types and Motives Detected among Slovak Adolescents
The present study maps different types of adolescent sexting in the Slovak Republic, i.e. primary and secondary sexting, as well as selfand peer-sexting. Our research has been focused on theExpand


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Complicated grief reactions are relatively common following spousal bereavement. Old age spousal loss qualifies as a possible traumatic stressor, however, PTSD as a possible complication of the lossExpand
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Attachment anxiety predicted sending texts that solicit sexual activity for those individuals in relationships and positive attitudes towards sexting such as accepting it as normal, that it will enhance the relationship, and that partners will expect sexted. Expand
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