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Factores bioquímicos implicados en la degradación oxidativa de compuestos fenólicos durante el proceso de obtención del aceite de oliva virgen

  title={Factores bioqu{\'i}micos implicados en la degradaci{\'o}n oxidativa de compuestos fen{\'o}licos durante el proceso de obtenci{\'o}n del aceite de oliva virgen},
  author={Garc{\'i}a Rodr{\'i}guez and Rosa Flor de Mar{\'i}a},
Factores bioquimicos implicados en la degradacion oxidativa de compuestos fenolicos durante el proceso de obtencion del aceite de oliva virgen La produccion de aceites de oliva virgen (AOV) de mayor calidad, muy aromaticos y con notas amargas y picantes, de intensidad moderada, bien equilibrada es una prioridad tanto en la seleccion de variedades como en el desarrollo de procesos tecnologicos. Los compuestos secoiridoideos, entre los que se incluyen derivados de las agluconas de la oleuropeina… Expand
Caracterización de aceites de oliva virgen elaborados en zonas oleícolas de Extremadura
espanolLa Comunidad Autonoma de Extremadura segun el Reglamento (CE) no 2138/97 por el que se delimitan las zonas de produccion homogeneas de aceite de oliva en Espana, esta subdividida en 12Expand
Application of non-conventional sensor technologies to the automatic monitoring and control of the virgin olive oil production process
espanolEn los ultimos anos la produccion de aceite de oliva ha experimentado un crecimiento desde el punto de vista cualitativo y cuantitativo, en parte gracias a la transferencia de conocimientoExpand
Contribution to the modeling and automatic control of the virgin olive oil elaboration process
espanolEl proceso de elaboracion de aceite de oliva virgen es un proceso industrial relativamente complejo, con distintas variables implicadas y objetivos dicotomicos. En esta tesis se propone el usoExpand
An Oleuropein β-Glucosidase from Olive Fruit Is Involved in Determining the Phenolic Composition of Virgin Olive Oil
Phenolic composition of virgin olive oil is determined by the enzymatic and/or chemical reactions that take place during olive fruit processing. Of these enzymes, β-glucosidase activity plays aExpand
Rapid quantification of total polyphenol content in EVOO using NIR sensor with wavelength selection and FS-MLR
The selection of the best correlated spectral wavelengths could be the first step to build a rapid and low-cost NIR sensor to be set up into the elaboration process in order to control the presence of these components. Expand
A portable Raman sensor for the rapid discrimination of olives according to fruit quality.
The work described here aims to determine the potential of low-resolution Raman spectroscopy for the discrimination of olives before the oil processing stage in order to detect whether they have been collected directly from the tree (i.e., healthy fruit) or not. Expand
Influence of the fruit's ripeness on virgin olive oil quality.
The fruit's properties and the industry-regulated physicochemical and sensory parameters of seven cultivars were evaluated during the ripening process, and the fruity, bitter, and pungent attributes decreased during ripening in all the cultivars studied. Expand
Sensory defects of virgin olive oil from a microbiological perspective
Virgin olive oil is the juice from the olive drupe, a produce that usually features high quality. However, virgin olive oils produced in different regions of the world suffer from defects, most ofExpand
Expert System for Monitoring the Malaxing State of the Olive Paste Based on Computer Vision
Different image-processing parameters have been proposed to automatically assess the viscosity, granularity, and the presence of olive oil over the paste and they have been used as inputs in the designed fuzzy controller. Expand
Sorting Olive Batches for the Milling Process Using Image Processing
The aim of this work is to provide an automatic inspection system,based on computer vision, and to classify automatically different batches of olives entering the milling process, based on the differentiation between ground and tree olives. Expand