Factor Validity of a Proactive and Reactive Aggression Rating Scale.

  title={Factor Validity of a Proactive and Reactive Aggression Rating Scale.},
  author={Aaron J Kaat and Cristan A Farmer and Kenneth D. Gadow and Robert L. Findling and Oscar Gary Bukstein and Lawrence Eugene Arnold and Srihari S. Bangalore and Nora Mcnamara and Michael G. Aman},
  journal={Journal of child and family studies},
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Aggressive behaviors can be classified into proactive and reactive functions, though there is disagreement about whether these are distinct constructs. Data suggest that proactive and reactive aggression have different etiologies, correlates, and response to treatment. Several rating scales are available to characterize aggressive behavior as proactive or reactive; one commonly used scale was originally developed for teacher ratings, referred to here as the Antisocial Behavior Scale (ABS… CONTINUE READING