Factor VIII complex in uraemia and effects of haemodialysis.

  title={Factor VIII complex in uraemia and effects of haemodialysis.},
  author={John H Turney and Henri Woods and M R Fewell and Michael J. Weston},
  journal={British medical journal},
  volume={282 6277},
Levels of the factor VIII complex were found to be raised in patients with chronic renal failure and further raised by regular dialysis. Increased fibrinogen concentrations were also found. These results suggest the existence of a prothrombotic state in uraemia that is exacerbated by haemodialysis. Ristocetin-induced platelet agglutination, however, was depressed in uraemia and worsened by dialysis. This defect may be transferred to normal platelets from dialysed uraemic plasma, suggesting the… CONTINUE READING
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