Facilitating and supporting talk with pupils about metacognition: a research or learning tool


The Centre for Learning and Teaching at Newcastle University has a clear philosophy that research and learning in classrooms are closely related. This paper will look at a methodology developed by researchers at the Centre which aims to gather data about pupils’ views of learning and teaching, with a particular focus on thinking about learning (metacognition). This methodology has proved to be an adaptable and effective research tool to examine different learning contexts from the pupils’ perspective, but also an aid to reflective dialogue between pupils and teachers as part of the teaching and learning process. A range of templates were created as psychological or semiotic tools. The templates have been inspired by work completed by the Bubble Dialogue team; for example, McMahon and O’Neill (1992). They form the basis of a mediated interview by providing an image of the learning environment or activity on which the research is focused, and becomes the stimulus for a three-way interaction between the researcher (or the teacher), the pupils and the template. Images on the templates used within current research projects have included learning contexts such as circle time, using different types of ICT and working as a group or independently. The templates have shown considerable flexibility and can be tailored to suit a wide range of learning contexts, whether inside or outside of the school. This paper will use template examples from research where the approach has been used to gather data. In all cases the templates have been used to investigate the learning processes pupils perceive are associated with different activities or contexts. Results from these projects will be used to illustrate use of the templates and the extent to which they are effective in investigating metacognition and working with learners’ perspectives. 1 http://www.dialogbox.org.uk/BubbleDialogue.htm

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