Facile preparation of various heteroaromatic compounds via azatitanacyclopentadiene intermediates.

  title={Facile preparation of various heteroaromatic compounds via azatitanacyclopentadiene intermediates.},
  author={Daisuke Suzuki and Youhei Nobe and Yuko Watai and Ryoichi Tanaka and Yuuki Takayama and Fumie Sato and Hirokazu Urabe},
  journal={Journal of the American Chemical Society},
  volume={127 20},
Coupling of acetylene, nitrile, and a titanium reagent, Ti(O-i-Pr)(4)/2 i-PrMgCl, generated new azatitanacyclopentadienes in a highly regioselective manner. Their subsequent reaction with sulfonylacetylene afforded pyridyltitanium compounds, which, upon reaction with electrophiles, gave substituted pyridines virtually as a single isomer. When optically active nitriles were used in this reaction, chiral pyridines were obtained without loss of the enantiopurity. Alternatively, the… 
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