Facile entrapment of a hydride inside the tetracapped tetrahedral Cu(I)8 cage inscribed in a S12 icosahedral framework.


Reaction of [Cu(CH(3)CN)(4)](PF(6)) and NH(4)[S(2)P(OR)(2)] in a 4:3 ratio in acetone at room temperature produces octanuclear dicationic copper complexes [Cu(8){S(2)P(OR)(2)}(6)](PF(6))(2) (R = (i)Pr, 1; Et, 3) in 81 and 83% yields, respectively. On the other hand, reaction of [Cu(CH(3)CN)(4)](PF(6)), NH(4)[S(2)P(OR)(2)], and NaBH(4) in an 8:6:1 molar… (More)
DOI: 10.1021/ic802288p


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