Facile chemoenzymatic synthesis of biotinylated heparosan hexasaccharide.

  title={Facile chemoenzymatic synthesis of biotinylated heparosan hexasaccharide.},
  author={Baolin Wu and Na Wei and Vireak Thon and Mohui Wei and Zaikuan J Yu and Yongmei Xu and Xi Chen and Jian Liu and Peng George Wang and Tiehai Li},
  journal={Organic & biomolecular chemistry},
  volume={13 18},
A biotinylated heparosan hexasaccharide was synthesized using a one-pot multi-enzyme strategy, in situ activation and transfer of N-trifluoroacetylglucosamine (GlcNTFA) to a heparin backbone significantly improved the synthetic efficiency. The biotinylated hexasaccharide could serve as a flexible core to diversify its conversion into heparan sulfate isoforms with potential biological applications and therapeutics. 

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