Facile and enantiospecific syntheses of (6S,7R)-6-chloro-7-benzyloxy-, (7S)-halo-, and (7S)-hydroxy-cocaine and natural (-)-cocaine from D-(-)-ribose.

  title={Facile and enantiospecific syntheses of (6S,7R)-6-chloro-7-benzyloxy-, (7S)-halo-, and (7S)-hydroxy-cocaine and natural (-)-cocaine from D-(-)-ribose.},
  author={Tony Kung Ming Shing and King Ho So},
  journal={Organic letters},
  volume={13 11},
  • T. Shing, K. So
  • Published 5 May 2011
  • Chemistry, Biology
  • Organic letters
First syntheses of C6,7 and C7 enantiopure cocaine analogues were achieved from D-(-)-ribose via a trans-acetonide controlled endo-selective intramolecular nitrone-alkene cycloaddition (INAC) as the key step. This synthetic scheme allows practical preparation of cocaine analogues for bioevaluation as potential candidates for the treatment of cocaine addiction and as potential conjugates for immunotherapy. 
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Desymmetrization of carbon nucleophiles by palladium-catalyzed asymmetric allylic alkylation has been realized for the first time and offers an efficient access to optically active tropane derivatives.
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The synthesis of tropanes via a microwave‐assisted, stereoselective 6π‐electrocyclic ring‐opening/ Huisgen [3+2]‐cycloaddition cascade of cyclopropanated pyrrole and furan derivatives with electron‐deficient dipolarophiles is demonstrated, being versatile building blocks for the synthesis of pharmaceutically relevant targets.
Economical Synthesis of 13C-Labeled Opiates, Cocaine Derivatives and Selected Urinary Metabolites by Derivatization of the Natural Products
The synthetic work has focused on identifying 13C atom-efficient routes towards these derivatives, and the 13C-labeled opiates and cocaine derivatives were made from the corresponding natural products.


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[reaction: see text] The total synthesis of (+)-cocaine is described. An extension of the recently reported proline catalyzed intramolecular enol-exo-aldol reaction to a meso-dialdehyde provided the
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trans-acetonide controlled endo-selective intramolecular nitrone-alkene cycloaddition of hept-6-enoses: a facile entry to calystegines, tropanes, and hydroxylated aminocycloheptanes.
High-yielding endo-selective intramolecular nitrone-alkene cycloaddition (INAC) reactions of hept-6-enoses controlled by a trans-acetonide to give bridged bicyclo[4.2.1]isoxazolidines exclusively are
Total synthesis of (-)-cocaine and (-)-ferruginine.
This work developed a general and practical method for the preparation of enantiopure cis-2,5-disubstituted pyrrolidines bearing alkene- and/or alkyne-containing substituents and offered two highly efficient pathways for the conversion of the 3-bromo-2-isoxazoline ring into the desired cis- 2,3-disubsituted groups in (-)-cocaine and (-)-ferruginine.
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Masked oxo sulfinimines (N-sulfinyl imines) in the asymmetric synthesis of proline and pipecolic acid derivatives.
On addition of Et2AlCN/i-PrOH, masked oxo sulfinimines give alpha-amino nitriles that afford oxo alpha-AMino acids on hydrolysis that are reduced to cis proline and cis pipecolic acids derivatives in high ee and good yield.