Facial symmetry and the perception of beauty

  title={Facial symmetry and the perception of beauty},
  author={G. Rhodes and Fiona M. Proffitt and J. Grady and A. Sumich},
  journal={Psychonomic Bulletin & Review},
  • G. Rhodes, Fiona M. Proffitt, +1 author A. Sumich
  • Published 1998
  • Psychology
  • Psychonomic Bulletin & Review
  • Evolutionary, as well as cultural, pressures may contribute to our perceptions of facial attractiveness. Biologists predict that facial symmetry should be attractive, because it may signal mate quality. We tested the prediction that facial symmetry is attractive by manipulating the symmetry of individual faces and observing the effect on attractiveness, and by examining whether natural variations in symmetry (between faces) correlated with perceived attractiveness. Attractiveness increased when… CONTINUE READING
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