Facial reconstruction using the visor scalp flap.


In male burn victims, scar may cause grotesque disfigurement to the upper lip and lower face. There are many ways to address the problem, for simple skin grafting to complex flaps. Bipedicle scalp flaps are used sporadically for reconstruction of the upper lip. In this article, the use of bitemporal artery hair-bearing flap for reconstruction of the moustache and beard area in nine cases as a substitute for facial deformed skin is described. The results indicate that the scalp flap is one of the best-matched flaps for reconstruction of the mid and lower part of the male face. As a result of choosing the proper size of the flap, use of the tissue expander is omitted, the donor site may be closed primarily and early return of the patient to normal life is guaranteed. Although, the width of the flap is not sufficient enough to cover the whole lower face and the cheeks, it is enough to imitate a normal face and give a pleasant appearance.

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