Facial expression on robot SHFR-III based on head-neck coordination


As nearly 55% of information is transferred by facial expressions, facial expression robot take an important role in human-robot interaction. This paper introduces the development and experiments of facial expression robot SHFR-III. The robot's facial system is consist of eyebrow mechanism, eyeball mechanism, lid mechanism and jaw mechanism. Neck mechanism and its kinematic analysis is also done to make robot's expression more vivid. Experiment based on head-neck coordination and motion joining is also presented. Last, summary and further research plan are attached.

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@article{Ke2015FacialEO, title={Facial expression on robot SHFR-III based on head-neck coordination}, author={Xianxin Ke and Yang Yang and Jizhong Xin}, journal={2015 IEEE International Conference on Information and Automation}, year={2015}, pages={1622-1627} }