Facial emotion discrimination: II. Behavioral findings in depression.

  title={Facial emotion discrimination: II. Behavioral findings in depression.},
  author={Ruben C. Gur and Roland J. Erwin and Raquel E. Gur and Alexander S. Zwil and Carolyn Heimberg and Helena C. Kraemer},
  journal={Psychiatry research},
  volume={42 3},
The facial discrimination tasks described in part I (Erwin et al., 1992) were administered to a sample of 14 patients with depression and 14 normal controls matched for sex (12 women, 2 men) and balanced for age and sociodemographic characteristics. Patients performed more poorly on measures of sensitivity for happy discrimination and specificity for sad discrimination, and had a higher negative bias across tasks. Severity of negative affect was correlated with poorer performance for patients… CONTINUE READING
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