Facial Gender Affirmation Surgery: Facial Feminization Surgery and Facial Masculinization Surgery

  title={Facial Gender Affirmation Surgery: Facial Feminization Surgery and Facial Masculinization Surgery},
  author={Jordan C. Deschamps-Braly},
  journal={Gender Confirmation Surgery},
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Computer-aided Planning and Execution in Facial Gender Surgery: Approaches, Concepts, and Implementation
This work describes the experience with CAS in FGS for each of the facial thirds to introduce new concepts for conceptual planning of osteotomy design and patient-specific implants.


Chondrolaryngoplasty for appearance.
This technique of chondrolaryngoplasty is presented, with anatomic details and a follow-up of 31 patients ranging from 4 months to 17 years, and it is believed this operation has a place among the techniques of plastic surgeons.
Sliding Genioplasty, Avoiding Mental Nerve Injuries
Although keeping 6 mm or more between the inferior border of the mental nerve canal and the proximal osteotomy during sliding genioplasty does not absolutely rule out or prevent an injury to the inferior alveolar nerve within the bony canal, it seems that by not keeping the 6 mm the chances of a nerve injury would be greatly increased.
Aesthetic improvement of the forehead utilizing methylmethacrylate onlay implants
The methods for fabricating and implanting the onlay prosthesis in a single step and the results of such procedures, which have been performed over a 12-year period without complications, are presented.
Naturally occurring female hairline patterns
  • B. Nusbaum
  • Medicine
    International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • 2012
This study provides proposed guidelines for designing the hairline in women by measuring the frequency, dimensions, and location of structures that compose the female hairline.
Facial Feminization Surgery: Simultaneous Hair Transplant during Forehead Reconstruction
A new surgical sequence developed by the authors in which reconstruction of the frontonaso-orbital complex and redefinition of the hairline by means of an autologous hair transplant are carried out during the same operation: forehead reconstruction and simultaneous hair transplantation.
Challenges in care of the transgender patient seeking facial feminization surgery.
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    Facial plastic surgery clinics of North America
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Prevention of Thermal Tissue Injury Induced by the Application of Polymethylmethacrylate to the Calvarium
It is concluded that polymethylmethacrylate can be applied safely to the skull if the implant is 6 mm thick or smaller, and that the cold was insufficient to protect against thermal injury.
First Female-to-Male Facial Confirmation Surgery with Description of a New Procedure for Masculinization of the Thyroid Cartilage (Adam’s Apple)
This report documents the first known female-to-male facial masculinization surgery, including a new technique for creating an “Adam’s apple” to enhance the facial masculine appearance of a natal female.