Facial Expressivity at 4 Months: A Context by Expression Analysis.

  title={Facial Expressivity at 4 Months: A Context by Expression Analysis.},
  author={D. Scott Bennett and Margaret Bendersky and Michael Lewis},
  journal={Infancy : the official journal of the International Society on Infant Studies},
  volume={3 1},
The specificity predicted by differential emotions theory (DET) for early facial expressions in response to 5 different eliciting situations was studied in a sample of 4-month-old infants (n = 150). Infants were videotaped during tickle, sour taste, jack-in-the-box, arm restraint, and masked-stranger situations and their expressions were coded second by second. Infants showed a variety of facial expressions in each situation; however, more infants exhibited positive (joy and surprise) than… CONTINUE READING