Face verification using D-HMM and adaptive K-means clustering

  title={Face verification using D-HMM and adaptive K-means clustering},
  author={Behrouz Vaseghi and Somayeh Hashemi},
  journal={2011 4th IEEE International Conference on Broadband Network and Multimedia Technology},
In this paper, we propose a pseudo 2 Dimension Discrete HMM (P2D-DHMM) for face verification. Each face image is scanned for frontal face in two ways. One way from top to bottom and one way from right to left by a sliding window and two set features are extracted. 2D-DCT coefficients as features are extracted. K-means clustering is used for generation two codebook and then by the vector quantization (VQ) two code words for each face image are generated. These code words are used as observation… CONTINUE READING