Face Recognition Using 3D Head Scan Data Based on Procrustes Distance


Recently face recognition has attracted significant attention from the researchers and scientists in various fields of research, such as biomedical informatics, pattern recognition, vision, etc due its applications in commercially available systems, defense and security purpose Face recognition presents a very challenging problem in real application in computer vision and pattern recognition due to variation of face. A large number of face recognition algorithms, along with their modifications are available over the past three decades. In this paper a practical method for face reorganization utilizing head cross section data based on Procrustes analysis is proposed. Firstly, a number of head cross section data were extracted from 3D head scanner along sagittal plane for eight different subjects. After extracting 3D head cross section data a comparison analysis were performed utilizing Procrustes distance to differentiate their face pattern from each other. The performance analysis of face recognition was analyzed based on K nearest neighbor classifier. The experimental results presented here verify that the proposed method is considerable effective.

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