Face Presentation Attack with Latex Masks in Multispectral Videos

  title={Face Presentation Attack with Latex Masks in Multispectral Videos},
  author={Akshay Agarwal and Daksha Yadav and Naman Kohli and Richa Singh and Mayank Vatsa and Afzel Noore},
  journal={2017 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops (CVPRW)},
Face recognition systems are susceptible to presentation attacks such as printed photo attacks, replay attacks, and 3D mask attacks. These attacks, primarily studied in visible spectrum, aim to obfuscate or impersonate a person's identity. This paper presents a unique multispectral video face database for face presentation attack using latex and paper masks. The proposed Multispectral Latex Mask based Video Face Presentation Attack (MLFP) database contains 1350 videos in visible, near infrared… CONTINUE READING


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