Fabrication of microstructures using shrinkable polystyrene films

  title={Fabrication of microstructures using shrinkable polystyrene films},
  author={Xiao-mei Zhao and Younan Xia and Olivier Schueller and Dong Qin and George Mcclelland Whitesides},
Abstract This paper demonstrates the combination of reactive ion etching (RIE) and shrinkable polystyrene (PS) films to reduce the feature size of microstructures and to generate microstructures with high aspect ratios on both planar and curved surfaces. A shrinkable PS film is patterned with relief structures using RIE through a physical mask. The patterned surface is heated and shrinks. After shrinking, the size of microstructures decreases by a factor of four to five, and their height… CONTINUE READING

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