Fabrication of electrostatic MEMS microactuator based on X-ray lithography with Pb-based X-ray mask and dry-film-transfer-to-PCB process

  title={Fabrication of electrostatic MEMS microactuator based on X-ray lithography with Pb-based X-ray mask and dry-film-transfer-to-PCB process},
  author={Pongsak Kerdlapee and Anurat Wisitsoraat and Ditsayuth Phokaratkul and Komgrit Leksakul and R. Phatthanakun and Adisorn Tuantranont},
  journal={Microsystem Technologies},
Lithographie Galvanoformung Abformung (LIGA) is a promising approach for fabrication of high aspect ratio 3D microactuator for dual-stage slider in hard disk drive. However, this approach involves practically challenging X-ray lithography and structural transfer processes. In this work, electrostatic MEMS actuator is developed based on a LIGA approach with cost-effective X-ray lithography and dry-film-transfer-to-PCB process. X-ray lithography is performed with X-ray mask based on lift-off… 
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