Fabrication of a simple and easy-to-make piezoelectric actuator and its use as phase shifter in digital speckle pattern interferometry

  title={Fabrication of a simple and easy-to-make piezoelectric actuator and its use as phase shifter in digital speckle pattern interferometry},
  author={Naser Partovi Shabestari and Mohammad Reza Rashidian Vaziri and Mahmood Bakhshandeh and I. A. Alidokht and Y. Alizadeh},
  journal={Journal of Optics},
In this report, design and assembly of a simple, easy-to-make and low-cost piezoelectric actuator (PZA) with one degree of freedom for application in phase-shifting interferometry is described. The PZA is designed in a way that its components can easily be manufactured and assembled. In the developed PZA, a series of ring-shaped piezo-ceramics are assembled inside a stainless steel case and through a couple of plate springs are preloaded. Planar electrodes are cut from a thin beryllium copper… Expand
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