Fabrication of a High-Resolution Smartphone Spectrometer for Education Using a 3D Printer.

  title={Fabrication of a High-Resolution Smartphone Spectrometer for Education Using a 3D Printer.},
  author={Yu Jin Woo and Young-Gu Ju},
  journal={Physics Education},
In this paper, we present the details of the development of a smartphone spectrometer for education using a 3D printer and characterized the performance by comparison with a paper craft spectrometer. The optical design and the narrow slit used in the build resulted in the formation of accurate images of the slit on the image sensor leading to a superior resolution compared to the paper craft spectrometer. The measured spectral resolution of the 3D-printed smartphone spectrometer was 0.4 nm… Expand
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Concepts of modern physics
1 Relativity2 Particle Properties of Waves3 Waves Properties of Particles4 Atomic Structure5 Quantum Mechanics6 Quantum Theory of the Hydrogen Atom7 Many-Electron Atoms8 Molecules9 StatisticalExpand
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