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Fabrication of ZnO sensor to measure pressure, humidity and sense vapors at room temperature using the rapid breakdown anodization method

  title={Fabrication of ZnO sensor to measure pressure, humidity and sense vapors at room temperature using the rapid breakdown anodization method},
  author={Reem Saadi Khaleel and Mustafa Sh. Hashim},
A rapid breakdown anodization process was used to fabricate a ZnO sensor for sensing pressure, humidity and vapors. The X-ray diffraction technique confirmed that this electrochemical process transformed Zn metal to its oxide ZnO. Scanning electron microscope images showed that semispherical ZnO nanoparticles were formed with sizes ranging from 10 to 20 nm. These nanoparticles were deposited on Zn substrates using an electrophoretic deposition method. After deposition, ZnO nanoparticles… Expand


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