Fabrication of UV Photodetector on TiO2/Diamond Film

  title={Fabrication of UV Photodetector on TiO2/Diamond Film},
  author={Z. S. Liu and Fengnan N Li and Shuoye Li and Chao Hu and Wei Wang and Fei Wang and Fang Ming Lin and Hongxing Wang},
  booktitle={Scientific reports},
The properties of ultraviolet (UV) photodetector fabricated on TiO2/diamond film were investigated. Single crystal diamond layer was grown on high-pressure-high-temperature Ib-type diamond substrate by microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition method, upon which TiO2 film was prepared directly using radio frequency magnetron sputtering technique in Ar and O2 mixing atmosphere. Tungsten was used as electrode material to fabricate metal-semiconductor-metal UV photodetector. The dark current is… CONTINUE READING