Fabrication of Mg alloy tubes for biodegradable stent application.

  title={Fabrication of Mg alloy tubes for biodegradable stent application.},
  author={Kotaro Hanada and Kunio Matsuzaki and Xin-sheng Huang and Yasumasa Chino},
  journal={Materials science & engineering. C, Materials for biological applications},
  volume={33 8},
Though Mg alloys are promising candidates for biodegradable stents, it is very difficult to fabricate stent tubes with high dimensional accuracy using Mg alloys because of their low deformability. This study aimed to develop thin-walled, high-quality Mg alloy tubes with good performance in stent applications. Cold drawing with a fixed mandrel was carried out for extruded Mg-0.8%Ca and AZ61 alloy tubes using optimized drawing parameters and lubrication, and stent tubes with 1.5-1.8mm outer… CONTINUE READING