Fabrication of C Doped <formula formulatype="inline"> <tex Notation="TeX">${\hbox {MgB}}_{2}$</tex></formula> Wire Using a Mixture of <emphasis emphasistype="italic">In-situ</emphasis> and <emphasis emphasistype="italic">Ex-situ</emphasis> Powders

MgB<sub>2</sub> wires were fabricated using a mixture of doped <i>in-situ</i> and <i>ex-situ</i> powders. The effects of the ratio of <i>ex-situ</i> to <i>in-situ</i> powders on the microstructure and critical properties were evaluated. The wires were processed using a powder-in-tube technique with a series of (MgB<sub>2</sub>)<sub>x</sub> + (Mg + 1.99B + 0… (More)